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The enormous amount of love that I experienced as myself was and is limitless. Nothing else really matters on Earth existence besides anchoring love and light. This includes ourselves. This love and light of our true essence need to first be anchored into our bodies and into our own lives. Then we can transmit and share it with others. The practice of love starts within, in our own hearts. Since that experience, I have had my main focus on embodying this love and shower of light into my daily existence.

I am now resting more in my eternal Self. My former personality is like a fading memory. I get to consciously choose now to create a new and more loving personality. Integrating the layers of being eternal while living this embodied life is an adventure. There are only love and the bubble that consensus reality calls life on Earth. Once in a while, my surrounding appears real again, but usually, I see through the veil, understanding that this field that is called reality is a projected dream, meant for us to learn and purify.

It is a field to learn the language of love and compassion. Forgiveness is a good signpost. Gratitude completes the healing. As magic as all this sounds, the waves of clearing and purification continue from personal topics to collective ones.

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What is different is that I see it like taking a bath, a daily happening of cleansing, there is no holding on, there are only waves. Contact Devi for a free conversation. Inquire to host a retreat or workshop. Devi is available for public speaking. My Story The journey from self to Self has been a path of self-discovery, compassion, forgiveness, making peace, and ultimately unconditional love.

Contact me for personal guidance. It is the longing that will take you home. Embodiment is an adventure. My calling is to lead people into freedom. This means you! Wishing you a blessed life filled with magic and angel sparkles! In love and light, Devi. View my resume. I want the love of God as my constant companion.

I don't want to worry anymore.

I drop the vows here and now from those past lives. That's my vow. In the process, I'll be loved. In the process, I will not be alone. In the process, I'll have sustenance.

Compassion, the Spiritual Catalyst No, the most powerful emotion is not fear. It's not anger either.

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I'm going to tell you what it is, and I'm going to tell you that it's an attribute of love. We're going to identify the attribute of an emotion that is the center of The Third Language. It also contains something that is a catalyst to power. When the Human Being feels true compassion for family, for self, and for the planet, an energy of communication is created that was never there before, and you can feel it. Some of you have felt these things in your meditations. Some of you are looking for certain kinds of feelings when you pray. Turn to compassion.

How many of you are aware of what that is? You brought yourselves to a level where you could feel and experience the energy of compassion. That triggered communication, and you felt the feedback of the guide energy and the Higher Self.

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We are saying to you that compassion is a trigger during your communication to Spirit, not the language or energy of simply asking or being loved. You start to feel us when we feel the compassion of the energy within you. It creates communication. It translates the untranslatable. We're here to tell you that this is yours alone. The animals do not feel sacred compassion, and you do. No other living thing on your planet can create this kind of energy, nor can any of those who visit your world at the moment.

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More on the E. They cannot evolve spiritually as a planet, nor is it their purpose to do so. All things are appropriate in creation, and although this may never be explained to your satisfaction, we have told you over and over that Earth is unique and separate within the life forms of your Universe. Yet some of those others still visit you, since their skills are advanced within the scope of the understanding of the physical universe and the way it all works.

Empathy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude

You call some of them E. Some of them are so interested in you that they take you away to study you. Through the process of paralyzing fear, they abduct Human after Human. Let me tell you what they are really interested in: your emotions, especially that of compassion. They want to know about the energy of compassion, for it is profound. It is healing. It is The Third Language that they want to know about. Your emotions are so powerful that some are actually nourished by your fear!

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This is proof that you are unique! Why else would a seemingly advanced race study you with such vigor? Meditation and Prayer Let me ask you this, dear ones.

How do you meditate? How do you pray? Compassion is the language of co-creation. How may of you co-create for yourselves? Now we're getting down to the practical. Dear ones, we know you, we know exactly what you're in need of, and we love you. Human Being, we know all about you, so you don't have to explain anything! There was a time in the old energy where you might have had to inform us of Human needs, but that was a time far before The Third Language.

Even those of you who agonize about being alone. You are never alone!