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Spoilers: A Facebook Odyssey

And on the bus? Everything still on my seat where I had left it. People can be awesome. Germans made a friend that day that's for sure. And not one single person on that bus was a dick about any of it in any way, no snide looks as I got back on, no pointed glances at watches, just a couple of "Haha, glad you found us". I hate public transport but that says more about me than public transport. The times I've used it in need it's never really let me down nor have the public using it.


Those people connected to the bus debacle in Germany though. They kinda looked after me when I truly needed a dose of folk being decent. And then a bunch of unconnected strangers fixed it for no gain. Taught me a lesson that has stood me in good stead when I try to do the same in those little moments when a person needs a hand for 5 minutes.

I still hate using the local train though so I drive.

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All the stories of decent human beings doesn't make it run on time or not be a pure rip off so I avoid it like the plague. One night late on the Paris Metro near Barbes Rochechouart I heard three African men quietly harmonising a beautiful song - they weren't buskers although I've heard so many amazing buskers , just singing for fun and togetherness on their way home. There is such a thing as society! Being alone in a car is so stressful and frustrating, and ecologically completely unsustainable how can people still ignore this? I once lost my wallet and train tickets in Budapest. I needed to get to Podgorica.

I got help in getting to to Belgrade. Once on the train from Belgrade not only did everyone in my carriage help, but as they got off and were replaced by new travellers they would say 'this Englishman, lost his tickets and money in Budapest and needs help' I got, comfort, food, coffee, money and cigarettes. It turned out to be one of the best days of my life and could only of happened on public transport. I have a few bad stories but lots of good ones about the metro here in Paris.

The one that sticks out most in my mind was an old man who was travelling with his teenage granddaughter. He was crying - I didn't hear the whole conversation but I gathered he had just lost his wife.

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Her concern for him was so touching she was holding his hand and drying his eyes that literally everyone sitting nearby, including me, started getting teary eyed too. When they got off the train they left behind some slightly embarassed people who then started to talk about losing people they were close to too.

A brief moment of humanity before we all went about our business. I still think about it quite often. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive here.

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It remains the least stressful and most enjoyable Christmas party I've ever been involved in! I was bewildered but grateful. Yeah, eventually it all turned out to be more than alright. As one half of the Shirewolves, she is part of one of the strongest teams in Schmoedown history and has every chance of holding the Teams belt for a considerable time period, which will give her the chance to go on another run in the Singles Division.

Wolfe showed her skill in the Ultimate Schmoedown, taking down Ben Bateman and Marc Andreyko, and she was just one word away from beating Ethan Erwin in the final.

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Lon Harris. Assuming he wins both these matches, Rocha will then have a chance to take on his teammate Dan Murrell in a title match. Rocha has a good record against Murrell over all divisions and will have the motivation to wrest the title off his own teammate and then make a run in the Teams Division so that they can both have a belt.

He may have lost his latest title match but that was in Sudden Death, and by just one letter. Had he risked the full 3 points in the betting round then he would have had his victory in 5 rounds. While Kalinowski is technically a triple threat competing in Singles, Teams and Innergeekdom , I think his best chance for a second belt will be in the Teams Division with his KOrruption teammate Chance Ellison. The pair looked strong during the Anarchy tournament and will only improve as Ellison gets more experience in the league.

There are a number of impressive teams in the division at the moment, so KOrruption could be easily overlooked, but I would consider them a dark horse in the division.

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He allied himself with Clarke Wolfe to form the Wolves of Steel, but they lost to the Patriots and their one last ride in the Ultimate Schmoedown ended in the semis against Above The Line. As for the Singles Division, a recent win over McWeeny was a hint that Reilly is back to his best and his new strategic mindset could be big in getting him the Singles belt for the third time. While he went in Anarchy, his partnership with Witney Seibold saw them go in and a victory over the Harris Brothers has set them up to take on the Shirewolves.

Even they admit that they are the underdogs in this match, but I would never rule them out. While they would probably be considered the underdogs in both matches, they should never be ruled out. Please turn it on so that you experience this sites full capabilities. My Account Join.

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