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What have I not given myself permission to say or do? What past events or challenging experiences have I not laid to rest or come to terms with? How much energy do I expend trying to get others to meet my expectations?. Feng Shui is the art and science of welcoming and inviting more energy and Chi into our lives. When we clear clutter, get rid of unused or unwanted belongings or thought patterns we open a path for something new to come in. What if each time you felt despondent, depressed or discouraged, you knew of time proven, pro-active techniques that were developed to lift your spirits, address your personal issues, give you more energy and allow you to find the courage and motivation to create a life that was more personally rewarding, productive and healthy?

No house is too big, no apartment too small, no home is too cramped, ugly, neglected or beautiful, to benefit from these interior and exterior design principles. Feng Shui is the study of how we place objects, furnishings and architectural features, to create pathways for the most beneficial Chi energy to flow through, This practice encourages us to become involved in making changes and enhancements to create optimum surroundings utilizing color, elements, objects and space clearing techniques.

You can learn to manage clutter in whatever form it takes and relieve yourself of disorder, chaos, and conflict. The world around us and the objects and people within in, all exude energy. This energy can affect us in ways that allow us to feel supported emotionally and physically, or helpless depleted, and ill. Imagine a home that becomes a personal sanctuary, a space that holds your sacred objects and allows you the safety and peace of mind and comfort to think, plan, and dream.

Feng Shui can be a powerful force in shaping our lives. As we become more aware of our surroundings and actually begin to change the factors with which we feel uncomfortable, we begin to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our part in the bigger picture. The philosophy of Feng Shui is embraced by people who are aware of the impact their surroundings have on them and who feel a need to take action to improve their lives. The practice of Feng Shui offers pro- active tasks within the more mundane aspects of life to create self-empowerment and achieve the balance most of us desire within ourselves, in our homes and in our work spaces.

These tasks allow us to create not just a temporary feeling of insight or consciousness, but the ability to develop a lifestyle that we may turn to for comfort and peace of mind as we face the challenges of life. As we incorporate these activities into daily routines, they become the foundation on which we effect change. It is my philosophy that the principles of Feng Shui may be applied each day, to become a lifestyle that allows us to alter old negative patterns and create healthy positive new ones. The shifting and enhancing of Chi in our environments will naturally increase harmony, and draw to ourselves, people and circumstances that will be of great benefit, not only to our own individual lives, but to a healthier and more balanced community and society as a whole.

It is through each one of us as unique individuals, taking personal responsibility for our actions and choices, that we will create new systems and outlooks that will heal not only ourselves and each other, but our planet as well. Feng Shui has existed in one form or another for thousands of years. Question: What is Chi and how does it affect our well being?

It can mean cosmic energy, life force, or breath. Chi is the invisible energy that animates all living things.

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Chi flows continuously: through pathways or meridians in your body, through your home, through the Earth, the atmosphere, and the cosmos. Chi is the flow of life itself, and if Chi stopped flowing you would cease to live. The flow of Chi in your environment affects every area of your life, your health, your outlook, and your decision making abilities. The flow of Chi is influenced by the interior and exterior elements of the physical environment. Colors, shapes, orientation, lighting, objects, the degree of cleanliness or clutter impact and determine your homes energy flow.

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When we think of energy, most often we think of something that is either: helpful or harmful, high or low, too much or too little, and most of us wish we had more of it. Scientists and astronomers refer to the physics of energy, how it can be measured, harnessed, and distributed. In Feng Shui practice we try to achieve similar goals.

Energy can come from man made or natural sources. For over a centaury we have tried to control it and sell it as a commodity. Energy, and our access to it, is the right of each individual who lives on this planet, energy to warm our homes, cook our food, and light the dark.

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Many of our modern convieniences contain this type of energy, cell phones, microwaves, computers. X —rays, televisions, gasoline powered vehicles etc. Wind used to generate power is a useful alternative to nuclear energy, but the intense force of a hurricane or tornado can destroy property and human life. The intention behind Feng Shui is to create a sense of well being through balancing the energies around us. Feng Shui suggests that energy comes from three realms of influence: Heaven, Earth, and Human.

The Heaven Realm influences you daily through climate, atmosphere, and air quality. This energy comes from the sun, the stars and the galaxy around us. Miracles and other workings from this realm are also considered influences.

The Earth Realm includes planet Earth itself, the food that grows, the materials to provide shelter, water and the natural world around us, mountains, streams, lakes, animals, insects, and plants. The Human Realm involves the harmony or lack of it with the people we surround ourselves with, human relationships and the quality of them, the actions we take, and those with whom you associate, all contribute to success in projects or relationships.

By using the power of intention and other Feng Shui Principles of directing and guiding the energy around us, we can discover effective methods to change or improve our circumstances. No life scenario is hopeless or unworkable, you can always do something to improve your situation. Everything you do in life involves an intention and an action.

The action is the physical side of the process. In Feng Shui this means some tangible activity, like moving the bed to a better location, changing a wall color, or decorating with objects that are pleasing. Intention is the invisible or spiritual side of Feng Shui. Intention is why you move the bed, what life change you hope to accomplish when you make this adjustment.

Feng Shui teaches us to position furniture, choose objects mindfully, direct a positive flow of energy, increase Chi when it is low or depleted, or slow Chi down when it is moving too fast to be beneficial. A familiar type of energy all around us is electricity. The same is true for Chi. We may not be able to see it, or fully understand it, but it is there for us to harness and cultivate for beneficial purposes. This energy courses through our bodies, moves us through our emotions, and ignites our thoughts, creations and dreams.

Each one of us holds this life force energy. What we create or destroy with it is up to each one of us. We all hold the potential to lead creative rewarding lives. Not all of us have been taught or encouraged to acknowledge this creative life force energy within us. We all are artists when it comes to expressing ourselves through the work we do, the quality of relationships we have, and the homes and work spaces we surround ourselves with. We have been taught to make serious compromises in all of these areas and have lost faith in our ability to be creative individuals.

It is not just through a painting or a drawing or a sculpture that we can express our ability to create, but within the gardens we plant, the colors we surround ourselves with, the music we make, the children we raise, the relationships we share, and the homes that we decorate. Look around within your personal landscape and see what you have created that is uplifting your chi, or how you have made compromises that may be injuring your life force energy. Imagine many homes within a neighborhood, filled with occupants that practice Feng Shui and take pride in how their homes appear.

What if they felt inspired enough to go home and create beauty and order in their yard, by their front entrances, and inside their houses….. Imagine many neighborhoods throughout a community, designed with conscious intention, blending together to create a continuous feeling of harmony and well-being. Imagine communities throughout an entire state practicing Feng Shui principles, up-lifting the citizens not only emotionally, but economically as well.

What if each time you felt despondent, depressed or discouraged you knew of time proven pro-active techniques that were developed to lift your spirits, address your personal issues, give you more energy, and allow you to find the courage and motivation to create a life that was more personally rewarding, productive and healthy? You can learn to manage clutter in whatever from it takes and relieve yourself of disorder, chaos, and conflict. No house is too big or Apartment too small, no home is too cramped, ugly, neglected or beautiful, to benefit from these Interior, and Exterior design principles.

It may be used as a tool to help choose creative color combinations and placement of furniture, in order to receive the most optimum amount of Chi or life force energy. By applying the colors, symbols, and materials associated with Chinese Five element theory, combined with Ming Gua numbers, you can personalize your space by identifying the most auspicious directions of Front Door or Bed Placement. Lay the Bagua map over your living space or office, and find out if you occupy your command positions… or who does!

Using Nature as our guide we will begin a journey of discovery and inspiration that is as individual and unique as you are! Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement for the optimum flow of energy in our homes, workplaces and gardens promoting health, prosperity and Peace.

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Peace is the concept of harmonious well-being and freedom from hostile aggression. Words like Harmony, Balance, and Tranquility have often been associated with the practice of Feng Shui. A power which balances one of her enemy's. These two powers combined can change the course of history.

In order to survive a battle with the Ancients and protect their abilities, the Lowell's and Conway's will have to work together. Can they rise above their feud, or will they lose everything?

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