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Robert begins to focus in on a race that is said to be gone and left treasures behind as he falls into his madness he seems to leave Carol alone. On their journey they find more than they bargained for. I did not expect the ending at all and the resolution seemed fair. The characters were so easy to relate to and the ending really spoke to me. I would love to hear more about what happens next.

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G Suzanne J. Willis This story begins by introducing us to the dinodre- a new creation of in between dinosaurs and guardians of cities. The story focuses on Pax a dinodre. Pax and his kin, other dinodre have a foe to face and war seems to be the only option. These guardians were not created for war if this magnitude and have to come up with another way to deal with the danger approaching.

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While reading the story I felt myself easily pulled in and taken on an adventure. I felt close to Pax and his kin and his civilization. I enjoyed reading the solution and how it was handled. It was a dramatic tale that just gripped me.

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Another favorite. H Megan Engelhardt This was such a sad read! It was a story about mermaids and their struggle throughout the years. These creatures are forced to land time and time again and have to find new homes as times change and humans and technology make their lives difficult. It felt like a call to action while reading, not giving up, and looking for home. I felt hopeful and proud for the few of the species that had made it. I Michael Fosburg This story is told from a first person point of view and they are traveling with their sister who is stuck in a dream.

Both of them are under tremendous strain and there is a need for both of them to survive. The brothers point of view takes you into the past and let's you know what has led up to their journey. I did not know what to expect from the story and was not all prepared for the story being woven. This was an interesting read and I think will be one I go back to multiple times. With a string of bad luck and a open mind to solving problems Bonnie has to stay ahead of the game.

This was a fun quick ready and I really wish there was more to the story. The ending left me wanting so much more! K Pete Aldin A quick tale of two sailors and their fate. It was a funny quick read and I would have loved to see what happened next.

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The title explained everything at the end! I felt like was with the sailors and finding out the sad story that led to their predicament was delivered in a dark humorous way. L Alexandra Seidel This is the story of Corvy and her archeologist parents. Corvy has never understood the obsession and love her family had for digging and living on a barren planet. I enjoyed the suspense and there was a twist that I was not expecting at the end.

M Michael B.

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Tager I enjoyed M, it centered around an afternoon with Eddie and Julia, two students that went to school together who were both smart and curious. It was an interesting birthday for Eddie and he had multiple revelations and twists. I enjoyed the ending because it opened my eyes to focus on the here and now.

N KV Taylor I felt so bad for Judy in this story it is a day in the life of a poor girl who is being abused for having a gift that is unique. She lives with her horrible father who fears her and wants nothing else to punish her for using her gift. I felt so proud of the ending, not to go into details but everything that happened was well deserved.

O Amanda C. Davis A time travel story gone wrong, Zig and Hazel have a purpose and a goal in mind when they travel back in time.

Things start to go not as planned and nothing seems to go as it should. Such a quick, adventure story. I would love to hear what happens next, particularly to Hazel. Zig come out too strong. P Bath Cato P is a quick story of Carmen and her cousin Reina, trying to come to an understanding in their difference. Carmen is special and smarter than a lot of children her age, she and Reina argue about Vincent a velociraptor that Carmen is able to see but no one else.

After harsh words are exchanged we get to see the outcome of their interaction and what is in store for Carmen.

Q Lynn Hardaker The story is told from an older sister's point of view of what happens when she and her brother go stay with their Uncle Mitch, who is not really their uncle just a friend of their dads. Both kids grew up without their birth mom and when dad married someone else they felt shunned. I felt bad for the kids and the story definitely took a turn I was not expecting.

R Sara Cleto R is a story of two sisters who enjoy to sing and who one day found an old bone in their backyard and what happened next. It was a good introduction to a story and I wish there was more to go off of. There is a mysterious end that hooked me. S Jonathan C Parrish S is told from a female point of view who I would imagine is older that is wandering through time and space.

She mentions the slow motion of the time or the speed that does not impact her as much anymore. The ending was sweet and gave me a sense of closure. T Samantha Kymmell-Harvey This story reminded me of a steampunk novel, old traditions mixed with new technology and of course dinosaurs. Maebelle is a young student that has a talent of working with silkworms that is applying for a prestigious school. She wants to be accepted on the condition that her skill and technology could change the lives of dinosaurs.

What happens after her application was awe inspiring and cute. To do he is turned into a dinosaur via a process similar to 3D printing. I loved the science fiction feel of the story and finding out the process was exciting. The ending surprised me and was a twist I was not ready for. V Cory Cone This story is told from an exterminators point of view, but not your average exterminator.

This is told from the point of view of who I imagined as a male character and his team going to handle an infestation of raptors. It was a quick and gruesome story, I actually imagined a much worse ending and would recommend this quick read. W Hal J. They refuse to create cures when there is no profit, and now that the zoo exhibit is not sustainable they look to get rid of it. Lisa looks for a way to fight back, one way or another.

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A new and interesting read, I liked the cynicism of our hunt to become perfect and have perfect children. X BD Wilson Victor works at the Institute in an underground facility and their goal is to make people healthier and give them a better life. Reading through this book felt like a cult and I instantly had goosebumps.

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When everything is perfect in society, there is usually a deep dark secret that no one wants to share. I was glad to have a longer read and the story really drew me in. Y Andrew Bourelle This story is told from a barkeeps point of view, he also happens to be involved in illegal activity. He sells dope on the sly and his waitress is his sisters supplier. I really liked the romantic interest being thrown in, it wa something new and exciting.

The crime drama also enveloped me and I enjoyed the read. I would totally recommend this read for its length and just how much is incorporated genre wise.