Guide Faery Scent: The Mission (a tale of erotic magic)

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However, what the creators, A. C have created is a collection of very honest works about life, misconceptions and why we should challenge how we think. Life is no fairytale and if unicorns were real, what is to say they would be the fairy tale unicorns? Unicorns may signify purity, virginity and ooze a protective aura, but why should they?

Would a creature who is stronger and more deadly then man, submit to them? I found Monoceros to be entirely different from what I had expected, the anthology itself changed my preconceptions, along with the works it contains. Monoceros is particularly well curated and well executed. The creatures involved has created engaging, thought-provoking and emotive work. Which is sure to leave you asking many questions and examining your own preconceptions. Monoceros is available for preorder now and I would strongly urge you to do so before the preorders close, you can see more information and what you can get alongside the anthology at their store here.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Search for:. The Valkyries Your favourite nerdy girl gang bringing you the freshest, nerdiest content. Monoceros The Monoceros anthology is a compilation of works dedicated to the unicorn. The sweet smell peculiar to virgins- Samantha Bolf A wonderfully in-depth look at the ideas and presence of unicorns in history especially in relation to the myths and in The Hunt of the Unicorn and The Lady of the Unicorn.

Tunabout- Kickingshoes Turnabout , in particular, caught my attention.

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Turnabout Is it because one of the warriors is a Unicorn, a symbol of purity and hope, that I expect them to release and to not kill the lion? A Study in Mortality- Son. Monoceros Monoceros is about as far removed from the warm and fuzzy tales about unicorns that we are used to as you can get.

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Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Fearscape A review and love letter to a masterpiece. Gryffen- The hero we need, might need some help.. Related Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This was his girl who was speaking, his own, his beautiful, his pride.

It was strange that neither when it was over nor a long time afterward did he regret that night. Dexter was at bottom hard-minded.

e-book Faery Scent: The Mission (a tale of erotic magic)

The attitude of the city on his action was of no importance to him, not because he was going to leave the city, but because any outside attitude on the situation seemed superficial. He was completely indifferent to popular opinion. Nor, when he had seen that it was no use, that he did not possess in himself the power to move fundamentally or to hold Judy Jones, did he bear any malice toward her.

He loved her, and he would love her until the day he was too old for loving — but he could not have her. So he tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong, just as he had tasted for a little while the deep happiness. He was beyond any revulsion or any amusement. He went East in February with the intention of selling out his laundries and settling in New York — but the war came to America in March and changed his plans.

He was one of those young thousands who greeted the war with a certain amount of relief, welcoming the liberation from webs of tangled emotion. This story is not his biography, remember, although things creep into it which have nothing to do with those dreams he had when he was young. We are almost done with them and with him now. There is only one more incident to be related here, and it happens seven years farther on.

It took place in New York, where he had done well — so well that there were no barriers too high for him. He was thirty-two years old, and, except for one flying trip immediately after the war, he had not been West in seven years. A man named Devlin from Detroit came into his office to see him in a business way, and then and there this incident occurred, and closed out, so to speak, this particular side of his life.

You know — wife of one of my best friends in Detroit came from your city. I was an usher at the wedding. He had heard, of course, that she was married — perhaps deliberately he had heard no more. He was possessed with a wild notion of rushing out into the streets and taking a train to Detroit. He rose to his feet spasmodically. Not busy at all.

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Did you say she was — twenty-seven? No, I said she was twenty-seven. He treats her like the devil. She was a pretty girl when she first came to Detroit. She was a great beauty. Why, I knew her, I knew her.

Dexter looked closely at Devlin, thinking wildly that there must be a reason for this, some insensitivity in the man or some private malice. She has nice eyes. A sort of dulness settled down upon Dexter.

Guide Faery Scent: The Mission (a tale of erotic magic)

For the first time in his life he felt like getting very drunk. He knew that he was laughing loudly at something Devlin had said, but he did not know what it was or why it was funny. When, in a few minutes, Devlin went he lay down on his lounge and looked out the window at the New York sky-line into which the sun was sinking in dull lovely shades of pink and gold. He had thought that having nothing else to lose he was invulnerable at last — but he knew that he had just lost something more, as surely as if he had married Judy Jones and seen her fade away before his eyes.

The dream was gone. Something had been taken from him. And her mouth damp to his kisses and her eyes plaintive with melancholy and her freshness like new fine linen in the morning. Why, these things were no longer in the world!

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They had existed and they existed no longer. For the first time in years the tears were streaming down his face. But they were for himself now. He did not care about mouth and eyes and moving hands. He wanted to care, and he could not care. For he had gone away and he could never go back any more.

The gates were closed, the sun was gone down, and there was no beauty but the gray beauty of steel that withstands all time. Even the grief he could have borne was left behind in the country of illusion, of youth, of the richness of life, where his winter dreams had flourished. Now that thing is gone, that thing is gone.