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Living outside the doghouse can destroy this dog breed because it will make him depressed, aggressive and mentally unstable. Also, because of they are naturally sensitive, Great Danes do not respond well to laborious training methods. Great Danes do not need extreme exercises.

Great Danes only need daily walks. Overexercising will damage their fragile joints and bones.

Great Danes are not big eaters. It is a wrong belief that due to large size, they need a significant amount of foods. Great Danes only need two to three cups of dry dog food per meal. Great Danes grow incredibly fast. In just one year, they evolve from a cute little pup to a six-foot-tall dog.

Because of this fact, one common mistake that some owners do is overfeeding their puppies to make them faster and bigger. Always remember that growing a Dane is not a competition. Feeding him more than what is only required of him will result in some health issues in the future. In summary, the above some interesting facts about Great Danes.

They are dependable, patient, friendly and can make great family dogs. The joy brought about by living with these gentle giants are worth the likelihood of them having a shorter lifespan. With their majestic stature and overwhelming affection, this breed stands out among the rest. Interesting Facts About Great Danes 1. Sadly, Zeus died at the age of 5 in Great Dane stands to be a minimum of 32 inches tall at the shoulder for an adult male, and a minimum of 30 inches at the shoulder for adult females 3.

Where Does the Great Dane Golden Retriever Mix Come From?

Great Danes come in 6 colors and patterns The most commonly seen color is a golden fawn with a black mask. Harlequin Glossy Black Brindle Pure Steel Blue-Gray Mantle A solid black blanket extending over his body and a black head, with a white face blaze, neck collar, chest and white on the forelegs 4. Great Danes have natural and cropped ears In the U. It is common that Great Danes only has a lifespan of six to seven years 7.

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Great Danes are extremely sensitive dogs This dog breed does not behave well without those who are close to him. Great Danes do not need extreme exercises Great Danes only need daily walks. A puppy is at risk for any of these conditions via its parents.

How to Raise a Great Dane

You can add a few that tend to pop up specifically in the Great Dane Golden Retriever mix as well, like. Both of the parents of this designer breed are excellent family dogs.

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The Great Dane Golden Retriever mix is an affectionate dog, though, one likely to love every member of the family. This dog needs to run, so apartment living is not the best option. Homes with big fenced-in yards make the most sense. Whenever possible, rescuing a dog is the best option, but there are some things you should know before going this route. For example, rescue dogs often need some time to warm up to new handlers. The dog will be scared and may be stepping out of a bad situation. If you do decide to take in a rescue, look at your local shelters and check organizations the rescue Great Danes and Golden Retrievers to see if they have any Labradanes.

You can find out more about picking a puppy with this puppy search guide. There are some great resources available that will help you learn more about raising this exceptional breed of puppy. Check out the following guides:.

Great Danes

Other similar dog species worth considering include any Golden Retriever mix. They have a similar temperament but maybe not be as large.

Feed With Care

Or you could go with a completely different breed, like a Labrador Retriever, or a German Shepherd Husky mix. Keep in mind this dog need a house and exercise. Your email address will not be published.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. A designer breed that is big in size and personality. But this loving companion dog may not be right for every household. So, what do you need to know about the Great Dane Golden mix?

Great Dane Leash Training

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