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All the greater was their surprise when they learned the director had sent a letter to Warsaw, removing their allocation and putting forward a plan for obtaining an elephant by more economic means "I and all the staff" he had written "Are fully aware how heavy a burden falls upon the shoulders of public mothers and foundry men because of an elephant mentioned in your communication should be replaced by one of our own procurement.

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We can make an elephant out of rubber, of the correct size, fill it with air, and place it behind railings. It will be carefully painted the correct color and then on close inspection will be interesting words from the real animal. It is well known that the elephant is a sluggish animal and it was not rumored to jump about. In the notice on the railings we can state that this particular elephant is particularly sluggish. The money saved in this way can be turned to the purchase of a jet plane or the conservation of some church monument "Kindly note that both the idea and its executionmodest contribution to the women task and struggle "I am etc" This communiction must have reached a slow off-wind When regarded his duties in a purely bureaucratic manner and did not examine the least of the matter but, following only the direction about reduction of expenditure, accepted the director's plan on using the Minestry's opposal.

Manual Lesson Plan Sudden Fiction International by Robert Shapard

The director issued instructions for the making of the rubber elephant. The carcass must have been filled with nearly two layers blowing into it.

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If fromopposite eneds to keep the oeprators apart. The work was to be completed xduring the night because the people of the town, having heard that our shipment was joining the zoo, were anxious to see it the director insisted on haste also becuase he expected a bonus should his idea turn out to be a success.

The two keepers locked themselves in a shed among boxes a workshop, and began to blow. After hours of hard blowing they discovered the rubber skin had risen only a few inches above the floor and its bulge in no way resembled an elephant. The night progressed outside, human voices where stilled and only the cry of the jackass interrupted the silence.

Lesson Plan Sudden Fiction International by Robert Shapard

Exhausted, the keepers stopped blowing and made sure that teh air already inside the elephant should not escape. They were not young and were uncontented to this kind of work "If we were to go on at this rate" said one of them "We shouldln't finish by morning And what am I going to tell my missus? She'll never believe me if I say I spent the night blowing up an elephant" "Quite right" agreed the other second keeper "Blowing up an elephatn is not an everyday job And its all becuase our director is a leftist" They resumed their blowing, but after another half hour they felt too tired to continue.

The bulge on the floor was larger but still nothign like the shape of an elephant "Its getting harder all the time" said the first keeper "Its an uphill job, all right" agreed the second "Let's have a little rest" While they were resting, one of them noticed a gas pipe ending in a valve.

Could they not fill the elephant with gas? The elephant to the gas pipe, And the valve, unto their joy in a few minutes there was a full-sized beast standing in the hsed. It looked real: the enormous body, legs like columns, huge ears, and the inevitable trunk. It was shortlisted for their January Pick of the Month! It was actually inspired in part at my own amazement of discovering that cows can swim.

The dissertation has been completed, bound, and is staring at me from my desk, tempting me to tweak just…one…more…thing…!!! I have high hopes for it, but what will be will be. Submissions are currently open until September 12th. You will not be disappointed!

Sudden Fiction International by Robert Shapard Lesson Plans

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