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Tom will be retiring from the Army on April 26, Future plans include furthering educational interests. His name is Anthony Cabassa Sgt. He is Sgt. He just reinlisted reenlisted and is a 2 yr E5 and will be going to the E6 board in June and will be going to military police investigation school in August. He will be returning from his first tour in Afghanistan in late March but won't get back to Pa. Erik joined the Army in June as a Combat Engineer.

Interested in joining a light infantry unit, he requested a transfer to 10th Mountain Division and began serving at Ft Drum, NY in late Erik was deployed to Afghanistan in December , and served one year there, continuing his work as a Combat Engineer doing route clearance and detonating IEDs. He deployed for a second tour in March , returning in March , still working as a Combat Engineer, this tour doing air assaults, along with infrastructure rebuilding.

On a personal note, he married Amanda just before he deployed, and is thrilled to join her now and begin their life together on the same continent! He loves video games, and plans to start college to study to be a civil engineer when he leaves the Army in nine months. Volunteers will walk on the sides of the bikes handing out brochures. Details will follow as the date approaches. Please call Maria for more information. SSgt Glantz and his unit will be on US soil soon, and final details are pending. He is committed to serving his country and maintaining our freedoms.

He has wonderful family and friends who love him and are excited to have him back home!

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He is married to Kim Glantz. We can't wait to help you welcome him home! Let's show the SSgt. Details below.. Event - Flag Raising: He is retiring from the Navy and gets 3 flags to raise at different places. He wants to do one here. He has about 15 military personnel coming with him. It's very basic- they will lower our flag, raise his, then lower his and put ours back up.

He then gets to keep the flag in a shadow box with a certificate. Your escort crew will be welcome to a meal here also. Jake Rethi is retiring from the US Navy.

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It would be great to have the WWR bring Jake here, stay for the flag raising, and eat a meal with us. Carter and his platoon were hit by friendly fire and he suffered a severe concussion from the blast. He and the rest of his platoon were evacuated to a local Army hospital to recover.

Rusty returned to duty a month later. Then, on January 2, , Rusty and five other soldiers were returning to base from a patrol when the MRAP they were traveling in had a mechanical failure, causing the driver to lose control. The truck went off of a bridge into a ravine, and landed 50 feet below in the river bed.

All of the soldiers escaped with relatively minor injuries except Rusty.

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He was initially treated in Landstuhl, Germany where he underwent spinal and neck surgery to fuse his spine and neck together. Russell has lost all motor function; he is paralyzed from the chest down and has no feeling from the elbows down. He also suffers from minor traumatic brain injury. The prognosis is that he is permanently disabled, will never walk again and no longer has use of his hands.

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On February 7, , Russell was transferred to James A. Haley Rehabilitation Hospital in Tampa, Florida. He settled into his rehabilitation routine there, both physical and occupational therapy. He had a full schedule Monday through Friday and looked forward to weekend passes to leave the hospital for short trips. Russell remained at the Rehab Hospital for nine months.

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He will be released from the U of P hospital on April 14th to go home. His stepfather Gene and friend Tony ride as well and will most likely ride with us up front. Bio : Spc Jeff rey Albano is a rigger in the rd Airborne and to this point has spent over 4 years in the Army.

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Jeff has also completed a tour in Iraq. More to follow. Eric joined the United States Army in He left for his first deployment in December He is the son of proud parents Barbara and Robert, loving brother to Jamie, loyal boyfriend to Samantha, and a trustworthy friend to many. He has been in for 12 years. Been to Kosovo once and Afghanistan 4 times. His awards and medals are 1 bronze star medal, Arcom 4, AAM 4, Meritorious unit commendation 2, army good conduct medal 3, national defense service medal 1, Kosovo campaign medal 1, Afghanistan campaign medal 3, global war or terrorism expeditionary medal 1, army service medal 1, overseas medal 3, NATO medal 3, outstanding volunteer medal 1, combat action badge 1, air aslt 1.

His Wife, Aida Almeida informed us that their family is made up of 5 children. When he left for deployment he was still taking the classes to become a volunteer firefighter. He loves being part of a community and volunteering as much as possible. He was also the coach for his 6 year old daughters soccer team before he left. Before he left he was also attending college courses.

Sgt Love was a Viet Nam era veteran. I think we owe him. Sgt Love loved the military and serving his country. About a month ago Sgt Love was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His family lost him yesterday and we lost an American Hero. SPC Johnson is coming home from his tour in Afghanistan and looking forward for much need relaxation and time with family. My son, SPC. Steven Johnson, is coming home on leave from a deployment to Afghanistan.

He will be arriving in Philadelphia Pa. In June of this year, SPC. Steven Johnson will have completed his 4th year in the Army. Once this was completed, he was stationed in Korea for a year. Upon his return, he was stationed at Fort Polk in Louisiana. In July of he deployed to Afghanistan and returned in March. Short bio : Travis Bush, 24 years old, went into the Marines right out of high school.

From Sealy, TX.

Been in 6 years. Previously has two tours in Japan, currently in Afghanistan, Camp Leatherneck.

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Comes from long line of military family, all branches. Older brother is in the Navy stationed in Guam. Stepbrother is currently a Philadelphia Policeman. We have been contacted by the proud brother of CPL McBride to see if we could help pull off this big surprise for his brother. I just love surprises and I know you do too, so we said yes. We will be doing a Birthday party invasion and giving our Hero a Mug-n-Hug at that location please stand by for further details. He is assigned with the th Infantry th Battalion. He is a Cav Scout with D-troop and has received combat spurs.

Tin Teach offered his assistance and phone number. Bill volunteered to evacuate wounded American soldiers, while under heavy mortar and artillery fire to deliver medical attention to fallen comrades.

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William was also present during the liberation of concentration camps. This will be to the Mechanicsburg area. We have been contacted by the very proud father of 1st LT. Joshua Kopsie to see if we could some how help in carrying out a Welcome Home fitting for this Hero. His father shared a story with me that I will tell at a later date with our members but assure you that Joshua is a fine young man and soldier.

We would be honored to assist in any way we can to give this Hero a "Rock Star" treatment when he returns. We are in the planning stages and we are going to pull off a surprise Mug-n-Hug for this young LT. BIO : 1st LT. His current assignment is Aide to the Brigade Colonel, conducting battlefield review of outposts, attending tribal meetings, and meeting with Afghan and NATO leadership. It's good he enjoys winter weather as there is plenty of snow where he currently resides.

Cheesesteaks, Pizza, and Beer are most definitely on the menu! And meeting up with all his family and friends in the area as well.