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A proper understanding of Daniel, chapters 2 and 7, and of Daniel , is essential to a proper understanding of Biblical prophecy, and these passages Mr.

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Gingrich has carefully examined. No commentary has yet achieved unanimous agreement, but this book embodies essentially the premillennial approach to The Book of Daniel. Not only has he examined it phrase by phrase, but he has also set his passage in the wider prophetic context of the Bible, skillfully weaving in those prophetic events given elsewhere in the bible that relate to the Seventieth Week. Thirdly, the author has drawn from The Book of Daniel vital, practical lessons. Gingrich does not fail to apply the truth of Daniel to the heart and conscience. Fourthly, Mr. Gingrich has given to us a brief but valuable introduction to the general study of prophecy, and this introduction will repay careful study.

Therefore, the glory and riches of these books are unknown to the average reader. Hosea preached during a time of great material prosperity under Jeroboam II, but his age was also characterized by political deception, false religion, moral decay, and spiritual decline.

What a parallel to the conditions prevalent today! This commentary by Brother Gingrich is richly flavored by his personal comments. His exegesis of the text is excellent. A perusal of this outline commentary will make their reader acutely aware of the danger of willfully transgressing the known will of God, of the awesome responsibility of religious leaders, and of the good or bad influence of political leaders over a nation. It is a joy and an honor to recommend this book to all who desire a deeper understanding of the books of Hosea and Joel. The prophetical books of the old Testament are commonly divided into the five Major Prophets and the twelve Minor Prophets.

Amos, Jonah, and Obadiah, the Bible books commented upon in this book, are listed among the Minor Prophets.

Many of the Minor Prophets record major messages. Contrary to general opinion, these books treat live, modern-day issues, such as social and religious evils in Amos, the judgments of God in Obadiah, and racial prejudice in Jonah. The studies discuss first the author, the setting, and the purpose of each book. This is followed by an analytical outline which approaches a brief commentary. These pre-captivity books, Micah and Nahum, are very seldom read or taught.

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Originally the twelve Minor Prophets were grouped together into one scroll to keep them from getting lost because of their shortness in length. Their smallness in size may readily be contrasted with the greatness of their message. The central theme found in both Micah and Nahum is the certainty of awesome judgment upon the wicked and of ultimate deliverance for the righteous. This teaching found in Micah and Nahum gives Christians great comfort today, for it reminds us that someday the tables will be turned. Our enemies will be humbled and punished while we will be delivered and rewarded.

A knowledge of and a reminder of these great truths give us patience in the midst of our present sufferings and tribulations. Does God wink at the sins of his people? How can a righteous God use wicked people to chasten a less wicked people? God answers these two questions of Habakkuk. His answer to the first question is this: God does not overlook the sins of His people. He is even then preparing to judge their sin at the hands of the Chaldeans.

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Zephaniah, a contemporary of Habakkuk, also sees the soon-coming downfall of Judah. He becomes a preacher of woe, warning the nation concerning their sins and calling them to repentance. Knowing that they will not positively respond, he warns of the coming captivity but does not leave them without hope for he prophesies to them a glorious future for the remnant of Judah.

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Roy Gingrich, the author of this outline commentary, has done a very commendable piece of work in analyzing and outlining the books of Habakkuk and Zephaniah. Bible students will find Mr. They will be profitably exercised in the reading of this book. The post-captivity books of Haggai and Zechariah are relatively unknown, little read and seldom taught, yet these books are rich in their content and are filled with detailed revelations concerning the future and with encouragements in regard to the present.

The Christian who has never read and studied these wholesome books has missed much in the way of encouragement and edification. The people are rebuked for their illegal divorces, mixed marriages, robbery of God and for their rank skepticism.

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Malachi warns both the leaders and the people that the Messiah is coming not to bestow blessings upon all Israelites but to visit judgments upon those who are wicked and disobedient and to bestow blessings upon the faithful and obedient. By way of application, the book of Malachi warns us today that the Messiah is coming again and will again visit judgment upon those of His professed people who are wicked and disobedient and bestow blessings upon the faithful and obedient.

The book of Matthew is to the New Testament what the book of Genesis is to the Old Testament, the key that unlocks the door. One can have a thorough knowledge of the New Testament only if he masters this vital, yet difficult book. Roy Gingrich has given us in this expanded outline a satisfying, conservative, premillennial interpretation of the Gospel of Matthew. Like other books from the pen of Mr. Gingrich, this one begins with a full, general introduction to the book, treating such topics as authorship, readers, occasion, purpose, theme, and values.

What follows is a commentary in outline form. It is not a verse by verse critical exegesis or detailed exposition. Gingrich writes for the busy layman, the rushed preacher, the independent Bible student who wants to get quickly to the heart of a passage without wading through pages of discussion. This book is to be studied as well as read, and studied with an open Bible.

The chastening power of our Lord is wonderfully revealed in the life of John Mark, the author of the shortest of the four gospels, The Gospel of Mark. Just a few years before he wrote his gospel, Mark failed the Lord when he deserted Paul and Barnabas at Perga and returned to Jerusalem but the Lord restored him and used him to be a faithful minister and the writer of an inspired gospel.

And I know you will appreciate his knowledge of this Gospel and his God-given gift of explaining it. The Gospel of Luke is my favorite gospel. It greatly helped me in my beginning walk with Christ. It is the most complete and thorough of the four gospels.

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It is full of incredible accounts of the times and the life of Jesus. In this gospel, Jesus heals the sick, casts out demons saves sinners, cleanses the temple, and does many other wondrous things. The teaching of Luke that changed my life the most is the parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke It showed me how I am to care for others. The gospel written by Luke offers salvation to sinners and fullness of blessing to saints. In this commentary on Luke, it is evident that Brother Gingrich has spent many hours of labor in prayer, study, and meditation.

His commentary is clear in its thoughts, convincing in its explanations, and helpful in its applications. It is written in a style that makes it easy to read. Probably no other portion of Scripture has been studied more diligently, or with greater blessing, than has The Gospel of John. The gospel itself is then presented as it was written, chronologically.

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Many helpful observations, remarks, and practical lessons are given as the outline is developed. Gingrich, however, defends this gospel as being that very Word of God. Using the literal, historical, and grammatical method of interpretation, he carefully exegetes every paragraph of the text. His approach is free of sectarian bias. Without hesitation, this outline is recommended to any person who desires to make a study of The Gospel of John. It links the ministry of Christ in the Gospels with the teachings of the Apostles in the Epistles and it gives us the background for the Pauline Epistles.

The book reveals to us Spirit-inspired missionary methods and practices which our present-day churches could study and follow with profit. Our Christian knowledge would be greatly impaired if we did not have The Book of Acts. This commentary, like all other commentaries from the pen of Mr. Gingrich, greatly helps the reader to better understand the Word of God.

Gingrich begins this commentary on The Book of Acts with a concise but complete introduction to the book. This commentary, though concise in form, is complete and thorough in its coverage.