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The VOS program has been discontinued within Canada.

ISBN 13: 9781534836808

Hurricane season runs from June through November when the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are warm enough to produce a tropical cyclone. Just be prepared". Lawrence This guide is designed especially for mariners on the St Lawrence. The guide contains: Full details on wind and sea conditions - A description of the geography of the St Lawrence - A listing of some locations in which wind and sea combine to create special, and sometimes dangerous, situations - The main warning signs indicating a change in weather - Information on marine weather forecasts - Details on how to obtain forecasts directly and quickly Wave Model Forecasts Access information for two days on wave modelling.

Maps for the following areas : Atlantic Gulf of St. Height in meters. Maximum waves may be up to twice the significant height. It describes the standard procedures of the Canadian Ice Service CIS for observing, recording and reporting ice conditions. Also available in PDF file.

Colours are used to enhance ice charts for presentations and briefings.

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The colour codes allow users to make a quick assessment of the general ice conditions and to visually follow trends. It is important to remember that the colours alone cannot be used for navigation decisions and that more detailed ice information is contained within the Egg Code. Ice and iceberg bulletins or charts The Ice Products Guide: the Canadian Ice Service CIS provides a variety of products, representing accurate and timely information about ice and iceberg conditions in Canadian waters.

Marine Forecasts and Warnings for Canada Map with advisories, watches and warnings. The Marine Warning and Watches Program provides advisories to mariners or marine interests to inform them of marine weather conditions that may pose a hazard to their safety, security, or operation.

Advisories are issued for specific weather events that are quite severe and could significantly impact Canadians. Watches alert you about weather conditions that are favourable for a storm or severe weather, which could cause safety concerns. As certainty increases about the path and strength of a storm system, a watch may be upgraded to a warning, which is an urgent message that severe weather is either occurring or will occur.

Mon entreprise.

Every year more than marine incidents are reported to the Canadian Marine Administration of Transport Canada. This booklet has been prepared by the Canadian Coast Guard to explain those regulations. References to specific sections of the official regulations are included so you can find more detailed information if you need it Distress, Urgency and Safety. Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual TP E This publication is a Safety Manual for small fishing vessels and discusses topics such as: stability, emergencies, navigating safely, life saving equipment, weather information, distress signals, safety on the job and equipment and installation.

This handbook provides information on safety on small fishing vessels under 24 metres , and is intended primarily for vessels where the Master or Operator does not hold a certificate of competency or has limited vocational training. Also on HTML. This guide is for owners and operators of small commercial vessels because you are responsible, by law, for knowing, controlling and defending against the risks related to your vessel and its use. The purpose of this guide is to inform you of these responsibilities, and to let you know the safety requirements that apply to your operation and how to comply with them to avoid accidents.

The information in this guide relates to: assenger-carrying commercial vessels that are not more than 15 gross tonnage and that carry no more than 12 passengers; and workboats commercial vessels that do not carry passengers that are not more than 15 gross tonnage. Text in French and English side by side. Table of Contents: 1 - Interpretation, 2 - Prohibition, 3 - Application, 4 - Compliance, 5 - Proof of compliance — lights, shapes, sound-signalling appliances and radar reflectors, 6 - Standards — lights, shapes, sound-signalling appliances and radar reflectors, 7 - Notices to mariners and notices to shipping, schedule 1 - international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, with canadian modifications.

Guidelines for the Operation of Passenger Vessels in Canadian Arctic Waters TP E These Guidelines are intended to provide information on the requirements of Federal and Territorial government agencies during the planning phase of cruises and during the subsequent Arctic voyages. The Guidelines are intended to assist cruise operators in achieving successful voyages and promoting good relations with all the cultures of the North.

The reader should note that this publication is not a legal document. The focus of these Guidelines is the safe and pollution-free operation of cruise ships in Canadian Arctic waters. It is a pictorial guide that outlines the four steps that are needed to apply the Ice Regime System. First, the user characterizes the Ice Regime. Second, the Classdependent Ice Multipliers are obtained. Finally, the Ice Numeral is used to decide whether the vessel should proceed or take an alternate route.

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Winter Navigation on the River and Gulf of St. Seafarers that are not familiar with vessels operating in ice conditions may not fully appreciate the risks involved and in consequence may not be adequately prepared. The goal of this publication is to to provide a better understanding of hazards which may be encountered when transiting Eastern Canadian ice covered waters during the winter navigation season.

The goal is also to identify precautions that can be taken and recurring problems encountered every winter season in various locations of a vessel in an attempt to bring practical solutions This report was requested by the Marine Safety Directorate of Transport Canada to address the problem of survival in cold waters. It is divided into six specific chapters: a brief introduction to the problem; the physiology of cold water immersion; the research that has been conducted to protect the human from the dangers of sudden cold water immersion; the design and development of current immersion suits; the inter-relationship between the immersion suit and the lifejacket, and a review of the different groups of people who fly over, work on or play on the water and what protection these groups need.

Transport Canada is proud to present a series of videos on operating your small vessel safely and responsibly. Follow us across Canada as we explore safety issues and solutions with vessel owners like you: My Vessel.

Deviation and In-Betweenness in “The Sea Change”

My Business. My Responsibility. It also assists with the administration of many others. Access to the full text of federal Acts and Regulations is provided by the Department of Justice Canada, which is responsible for maintaining the Consolidated Statutes of Canada. All new edition charts by SHOA are in accordance with this publication. Mas informacion sobre las horas de las predicciones entregadas.

The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature

Tides Predictions To know the tide at a certain date: tidal predictions for the month with a choice between 2 months. More about the time of the forecast on all the information is conveyed. Publications: Free Downloads Publications: Oceanographic publications, hydrographic publications and others. Cartas en colores con olas de 5 metros y mas. Se recomienda descargar este archivo y trabajar desde su PC.

Altura en metros. Color maps with waves of 5 meters or more.

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  • Color maps with wave forecast for the Drake Passage. Also loop file and slideshow loop. Save this file as a simple version designed for mariners and internet users with low bandwidth access. Strait of Magellan: routes and information for piloting Sailing directions with routes, regulations and information for piloting for the Strait of Magellan, Chilean channels and fiords.

    Its objectives are: a to limit the time between the loss of a vessel and the initiation of search and rescue action, in cases where no distress signal is sent out; b to limit the search area for a rescue action; c to provide up-to-date information on shipping resources available in the area, in the event of a search and rescue incident. It is not only for users to update their nautical charts and publications, but also for mariners to assist their navigation. To view the Notices, you need to download: ReaderSetup. The Notices to Mariners offered on this website are for reference only.

    The Mirror of the Sea Full Audiobook by Joseph CONRAD by Nautical & Marine Fiction

    For details, please see the paper edition of Chinese Notices to Mariners. In order to keep navigation safety and prevent sea pollution, all vessels which navigate in the Chinese coastal ports and fairways must fit out the updated charts and other relative navigation publications, which are published by China MSA, the official publishing office of the Chinese coastal port and fairway charts. With the right mouse button chose "View image".

    Click on the image.